Will his options be limited to special ed?

The myth is that segregated special ed programs are the only option for kids with Down Syndrome. Kids with DS typically do best in an inclusive learning environment, and typical kids do best when they learn about diversity, kindness, and friendship at an early age. Inclusive classrooms teach and benefit all kids.

Do you know if the Down Syndrome it’s mild?

Henry will have talents and strengths James and I will never have. I don’t know if they will be intellectual talents, creative talents, physical talents, or emotional talents, but I know he will carry within him something amazing that I can only dream of having. He will be like a superhero.

Did you know the risk of Down Syndrome before you had him?

How I️ wish someone would have posed Down Syndrome as what it truly is instead of a negative risk. I have issues with the phrase "risk of having a baby with Down Syndrome." The word risk implies negativity and elicits similar feelings I would have when hearing the phrase “risk of cancer.” And upon hearing that our Panorama genetic blood screen came back with a high RISK of T21 when we were about 10 weeks pregnant, I️ fell apart.

What’s in a name?

Our family and friends ask regularly. In a southern world of monogram-happy mothers, aunts, and friends, this not knowing our baby's name is not too well received. Most of the child bearing women around me had a full list of names before they ever conceived. I didn't.

Is there enough for more?

Henry is our whole world and my whole heart. As our due date with our second son approaches I’m scared I don’t have enough. Though I’m excited for our family to grow, I fear I don’t have it in me to give equal love, attention, and time to this baby.

The “R” word.

I told myself that I'd never put too much stock into the utterly ignorant ways people talk. I told myself it wasn't even worth a reaction. I told myself we were above the foul ways people talk and responding to any hate speech would just bring it more to light. I tried to convince myself of all of this before my son was born. Then there was Henry; he arrived in the world and is our world. Now that word, no matter how it's used, stabs me right in the chest. It elicits a physical reaction and I can't help it.

How do you function as a mother with chronic pain?

One day I became acutely aware of how much time I had lost in a medicated state. I couldn’t recall memories others brought up. I would count my meds to see how I had to regulate use til my next refill. I noticed signs of addiction. I was afraid I would start talking myself into taking half doses before work or on days when I knew would be a struggle emotionally or physically BEFORE I noticed any signs of pain. All of a sudden I became terrified to be swallowed up by something I couldn’t control anymore.

What do you do on days you don’t feel like it?

Let’s be real. We all have days where we get up and we are just NOT feeling it. Today is that day for me. My day began when I heard Henry yelling... that’s his way of saying he is up. And it’s not a sweet angelic yell. It’s a rebel yell. A boy yell. HAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

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