Are there any medical upsides to Down Syndrome?

No one asks about the genetic upside for being diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Not all people with DS will have heart defects, hearing loss, thyroid disease, or the typical diseases associated with the extra chromosome. Some research shows that people with DS who do have certain heart defects or childhood leukemia are more likely than their typical counterparts to recover and recover quickly. It is also rare for a person with Down Syndrome to have a solid tumor cancer, cardiovascular disease, heart attack, stroke, or cavities!

I always get excited about research; the most recent published study suggests that T21 may be more of a immune disorder than a chromosomal condition that affects cognitive development. It’s amazing! That means that we may see common treatments for autoimmune disease be utilized to stave off gene expression in T21 that triggers Alzheimer’s disease!!! Anything that may allow Henry to live a healthy life without medical complications is so very exciting to me.

You get to a place where seeing the upside is easy. The search for the upside began as a bumpy road for me, but after I hit my stride with research I began to feel my heart rise. Looking at young adults with DS in their journeys to independence and happiness was huge for me too. Even though negatives will always be present and presented to you in different forms, you almost become indifferent to it in light of the overwhelming positivity.

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  1. Your wisdom and insight on Downs Syndrome provides a positive, compassionate and informed perspective for all of us who Love our DS Angels.


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