Aren’t you worried y’all will never have a real retirement or time alone again after having a child with Down Syndrome?

My thoughts never really went to the topic of alone time. That almost makes me giggle. There will probably almost never be a time for any mom to have “time alone.” I even think about myself and my own mother. If I’m within 100 feet of my mother I will follow her everywhere and no bathroom or door has ever stopped me. Maybe that’s more a daughter thing. We will see.

Not all adults with Down Syndrome live with their parents forever. Many live independently or in assisted living communities and thrive. Most likely our son will think about and plan his own future. People with DS have hopes and dreams, attend post high school educational programs including college, and enjoy fulfilling careers. Businesses employ adults with Down Syndrome in a variety of positions – in banks, corporations, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, offices and restaurants. They can and do work in every field imaginable from entertainment to education. Like anybody else, people with DS want to be as independent as possible and have a job where their work will be valued.People with DS are cherished members of their families and communities, and make meaningful contributions to society.

We are big on not giving Henry any predetermined limitations or expectations. He will be himself. We want him to go as far as he wants with his independence and won’t EVER tell him or others that he will never do certain things. He may not; but that’s to be determined only by Henry. There is a lot of preparation beginning now to ensure that anything is possible for him: developmentally and financially.

We want Henry to have whatever level of independence he desires and is possible. If that means staying with us, yay! We love him- we made an awesome person who is part of us and amazing to be around! If that means spreading his wings and living semi independently or completely independently then yay! We want him live his life and to be happy!

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