Who have I become?

There was a vision I had of myself once long ago. On the waning years of my teens, I was so certain of who I would become as a grown, independent woman and equally certain of everything I would never do, say, or feel. Ten plus years later some of it held true and some (with cosmic hilarity) absolutely did not.

I told myself I’d never, ever live in the city. Cities were too crowded and dirty. I was a country girl who loved listening to the cicadas and being able to clearly see the stars. I told myself it was temporary when I moved to Birmingham for nursing school. Ha! Then we bought a loft right smack in the middle of downtown when we got married. Then we moved to San Francisco for a year. San Francisco: 800,000 plus people crammed into 46 square miles. Now we live in suburbia. Yes, there are some trees and a small creek in my back yard but I can still hear planes and ambulances… So my country living vision is a bust.

I just knew I’d never be someone who shared details of their private life with the masses. Tacky. MySpace and Facebook emerged while I was in high school and college. I was fiercely against even having an account but my future husband set me up with both. Gotta stay with the times, Babe. I’m really 75 in my heart- always have been. But no one ever helped anyone by acting like they live a perfect life untouched by flaws. Now here I am sharing personal details and stories with the masses. Go figure.

I always knew I wanted to care for others and so I began my nursing career. Above everything else I wanted to help others. I could think of nothing else that could be more fulfilling to my heart. And I love sharing knowledge with other people that help them live a healthier life! If I can help add time or quality to someone’s life, I’ve had a wonderful day and can sleep with a full heart.

I knew I’d never be a salesman. I have always withdrawn from selling anything. I could never stand it. You name it: Girl Scout cookies, raffle tickets, wrapping paper… whatever the item. It made me have a sick feeling in my stomach. I’d get sweaty and shake every time I even had to call my beloved grandparents to sell them things for school when I was young. I hated asking people to buy anything – especially nonsense items. Now I hate it mainly because I hate being asked myself. Most of the time if at all possible I even buy the required minimum quota for all Henry’s school fundraisers. Money is tight for most. Most people know their own needs and don’t need anyone to push anything at them. It feels like an intrusion. Like I know I’m in the shoe section of the department store. I need shoes. I’ll ask the associate if I need help. I don’t want anyone following me asking me questions. It’s none of their business until I stand at the checkout. And I don’t wish to ever be that person following folks around or constantly messaging people asking bland, frivolous questions about products that people don’t really want or need.

Yet here I am. Now I am the nurse who sells Plexus. To be honest, I signed up as a distributor just for the steep discount and because I could earn money back on my own supplements. And I had every intention of taking full advantage of the money back guarantee if it didn’t hold up to the hype. I thought there is no way this product can be that great. I was really just gonna try Plexus the cheapest way possible as a last ditch, desperado effort to combat postpartum struggles. My background demands that I know as much as I can about my own health and what I put into my body and the research must back πŸ‘πŸ» it πŸ‘πŸ»up πŸ‘πŸ». And for me – this stuff truly is that great. Taking care of gastrointestinal health is the key to so many imbalances. The benefits of Plexus abound from weight loss to regularity to overall decreased inflammation. My journey to find better health and wellness for myself opened my eyes to more than just my own needs. I’ve found something great that works and helps me (body and mind), and I realized I can care for others in a different way- by just sharing. And I’m excited! I want to let people know what I’ve found because just maybe it can help someone else improve their health, sleep soundly, wake up fresh, have more energy, or just feel better overall!

I still am not a salesman. I will never be the person who tries to push products. It’s not me. It’ll never be me. I won’t show up on your doorstep or cold-call you asking if you are satisfied with your vacuum, encyclopedia collection, or even your health (despite my passion for it). I am the person who will care enough to share my journey and I’ll be 100% honest about it too. Success or failure and positive or negative- I will share. So far with Plexus I’ve had great success with my own health and I’ve researched and found wonderful studies and data to back it up. The worst thing I’ve discovered is that the supplements are not FDA approved, but almost no vitamins or supplements are. But the minute the research doesn’t match or my testimonial or others’ is anything but positive, I’ll be the first to sing like a cabaret (because birds are scary and a canary I cannot mimic- cabarets are more fun).

I am a nurse first and foremost before I am the crazy Plexus lady. My pledge when I became a RN was to do no harm and I stand by that oath. I won’t fudge the data and I won’t EVER try to sell you something you don’t need that will not benefit you in the slightest. I will use my background as a nurse and as someone who actually takes this stuff to share my knowledge, research, and personal experience though because I want to help every person I can.

My last line of advice will always, always, always be to ask your doctor or pharmacist just like I did for myself before I began taking Plexus. Those folks know more about your history, current labs, and medications than anyone and can tell you straight up if anything will affect any condition you have or meds you take, etc. (Like did you know you can’t take a multivitamin at the same time as thyroid meds?)

I want to help I can everyone be as healthy as possible and feel the best they can! So here I am. If there is anyone curious about improving gut health, feeling better, and wants an honest sounding board, I am here. Ask away. We only get the one body and the one chance to live this life. We deserve to live it well! Let’s all feel our best so we can go out and eat thislife!

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